TYPO Font Editing System Version 5.0

Please perform the folowing instructions:
(1) Save the typo file, Demo.tgz, in any directory, e.g., /tmp

(2) Change to the directory, here named "parentdir",  in which you mant to
    create the typo directory:
	chdir parentdir

(3) Create the typo demo version directory:
	mkdir Demo

(4) Extract the typo demo version into the "Demo" directory:
	zcat Demo.tgz | tar xvf -

(5) Go to that directory:
	cd Demo

(6) Execute typo

The file Demo.tgz contains a compressed tar archive which consists of:
	The program typo
	The conversion utilities to the typo internal format
	The library lib, containing
	    The encodings
		AdobeStandardEncoding,		AdobeSymbolEncoding,
		AdobeDingbatsEncoding,		AdobeExpertEncoding,
		AdobeExpertSubsetEncoding,	F3Encoding,
		IkarusEncoding,			ISOLatin1Encoding,
		ISOLatin2Encoding,		ISOLatin3Encoding,
		ISOLatin4Encoding,		ISOLatin8Encoding,
		ISOLatin9Encoding,		ISOLatinsEncoding,
		PC437Encoding,			MacEncoding
	    The demonstration fonts
		demofont.cf, demofont.rf, NimbusRoman.cf, NimbusSans.cf
	    The TYPO user manual in html format, as used by the Help
		menu button.

	Note that the conversion utilities from typo format to foreign formats
	are not included in the demo tape.