TYPO Font Editing System Specification Summary

TYPO is a professional, most powerful yet user-friendly system for editing outline and raster fonts, logos, and icons in a multitude of formats, including Adobe Type 1, the de facto industry standard for high-quality electronic publishing.

The TYPO Font Editing System is a full-featured design system for the creation and maintenance of fonts, logos, and icons for electronic publication. The TYPO system handles raster as well as outline fonts. Many industry and academic font formats are supported. Among these is Adobe Type 1, which has become a standard in electronic publishing.

The documented ASCII font format used internally in TYPO permits customers to easily program interfaces for individual font formats.

The TYPO Font Editing System consists of the TYPO Font Editor and an extensive collection of format conversion programs invoked by the editor on loading/saving fonts.

The TYPO Font Editor is a highly interactive tool with clearly arranged displays, an uncomplicated but powerful menu-oriented user interface, and permanent guidance. These features allow the optimal use of TYPO for novices as well as experts, for document writers as well as type artists, making the development and maintenance of fonts efficient and cost-effective.

Fonts are converted between TYPO internal format and external formats, such as Adobe TYPE 1 or SUN F3, by automatically invoking the relevant conversion programs on loading/saving fonts.

TYPO is thus a powerful addition to publishing systems, satisfying the need to create individual characters, symbols, and logos in very short time.

TYPO key features include:

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